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This luxury square box comes presented in the form of a personalized hot air balloon, with a base of approximately 14 premium fresh roses carefully handpicked and 4 premium chocolate-covered strawberries. This gift blends the beauty of flowers with the sweetness of strawberries, creating a charming and delicious experience.

This luxury square box comes presented in the form of a personalized hot air balloon, with a base of approximately 14 premium fresh roses carefully handpicked and 4 premium chocolate-covered strawberries. This gift blends the beauty of flowers with the sweetness of strawberries, creating a charming and delicious experience.



Does Robbin Legacy Deliver?

With so many gorgeous arrangements of Robbin Legacy to choose from, it’s no wonder you want to send them to everyone you love. Luckily for you, Robbin Legacy offers delivery on all of our beautiful arrangements! During the checkout process, we give you the option of choosing when you want your flowers to be delivered. If you are having your arrangement delivered in the greater Miami area or Miami Dade County area you may qualify for same day/next day hand delivery based on eligibility.

Do You Ship nationwide?

We ship nationwide! For more information on how and where we ship, view our shipping policy.

Do You Accept Returns?

Unfortunately, our arrangements from Robbin Legacy are not eligible for returns. Please also note, that your order cannot be canceled or modified in any way once the order has been placed. Our hope, at Robbin Legacy, is that you fall in love with your gorgeous arrangement. We offer an extensive selection of different styles and colors, allowing you to find the perfect arrangement for anyone on your list. If you have any questions about our return policy or our arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact Robbin Legacy today!

Can I Schedule a Delivery for a Specific Date?

For your convenience, there are many shipping options at the checkout. You can choose a regular shipping method or you can choose the exact date you wish for your arrangement to be delivered during the ordering process. Orders within Miami area or Miami Dade County area can be handled by our courier service for same day deliveries. The specific time of delivery is highly dependent on the courier and what the most optimal route for an area might be. As such, we are unable to guarantee a specific delivery time. Specific delivery dates are unavailable for nationwide orders and for some of our smaller arrangements.

Order Arrived Damaged?

In the event that you see any damages to your arrangement or home products from Robbin Legacy, you must contact our customer service team within 24 hours of receipt. Our customer service team is available for you by emailing or calling us at 1-(786)-483-4977.



Can I return or exchange my bouquet?

In order to preserve the best quality and uniqueness of our rose arrangement, we cannot accept returns, excluding some particular cases. If you would like to cancel your order, please make sure to contact ASAP. Keep in mind that if your order is already in the process of being shipped unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. Please write us at if you have any questions, comments or concerns, and our team will do its best to assist you. 

What are Preserved Roses?

Each of our gorgeous arrangements are creatively designed and prepared. The preserved roses come from a well cultivated rose field. Each rose is cared for until it reached its peak, and then carefully picked. From there, each rose is treated with a formula to help preserve them. 

Do Preserved Roses last longer?

Yes! With proper care, our preserved roses will last a year or more. 

How Do Preserved Roses Last a Year?

Preserved roses are fresh real roses that have been through solution composed of only natural oils and color pigmentation to give them their magnificent wide of colors.

Can I Take the Flowers Out of the Box?

No, the roses cannot be taken out of their environment. Each preserved roses are placed within the box carefully, removing the roses might damage the arrangement greatly.

Do the roses have exactly the same color as the pictures?

Most of the pictures are very similar to the color you will receive. Keep in mind that each rose is unique. Some colors might be a little lighter or darker depending on the season. For example, a pearl pink rose that we photo-shoot in a studio can be a little more blush pink in reality. As well grey color might be lighter than the actual website picture.

Do your roses have a scent?

Yes, most of them do! We add a rose scent to the flowers to give them back their wonderful smell. During the preservation process, the natural scent is "taken" away. No current preserved fresh flower will have the scent that it was grown with. But unfortunately this can't guarantee. 

How Can I Order a Custom Arrangement from Robbin Legacy?

Customizing a custom arrangement has never been easier. You can contact a friendly member of our team at 1-(786)-483-4977 and start creating your own personalized gift.  



Any question?

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have.

How Do I Care for My Preserved Roses?

  • Do not handle or touch the roses unless absolutely necessary. The natural oils in our hands can damage the flower and repeated touching will break off pieces of the petals. The best practice is to not touch your flowers.
  • Do not water the roses. These flowers are no longer alive, so that don’t require watering! In fact, water will damage preserved fresh flowers.
  • Keep roses out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the colors of the roses to dim or fade, so it is best to keep your rose gift box away from the sun.
  • If you need to clean your preserved roses, only do a light dusting with a soft dusting tool. Do not wipe down or spray with chemicals, this will damage the roses. 
  • Environmental factors can sometimes damage the roses. Difference in heating, cooling, fragrances, and placement in your home can cause the flowers to degrade at a faster or slower rate. Climate and humidity are also important factors.
  • Do not remove the roses. Our roses have been designed specifically within their respective boxes; the roses are not made to be removed at any point. Touching the rose or removing it may damage the arrangement and as such we strongly insist that you do not take any rose from any casing.



Do not let your house pets ingest the rose petals. It is not safe for humans as well. If this happens, take your animal to the vet, or go to emergency.

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Niurka Plasencia
in the last week

Excelente y hermosos los trabajos que hacen,100% recomendado. Bellezas de ramos!! gracias de verdad que quedo siempre super Feliz de elegirlos a ustedes. ❤️💐

Mariela Fernandes
6 months ago

Muchas Gracias. Mi sobrina quedó encantada. Bellísimo el ramo

6 months ago

Gracias! Me llegó hermoso! Los mejores de Miami ! Los recomiendo 100 %

jose manuel guerrero
7 months ago

Super encantado con el detalle de verdad sin palabras los recomiendo al 100%